Turquoise marketing has been started in Sydney, Australia

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November 15, 2016

Turquoise marketing has been started in Sydney, Australia


Turquoise Association of Iran (TAI) is the most experienced and credible representative and exporter of Persian (Iranian) turquoise. This Association comprises of 21 turquoise mines and expert refiner manufactoriers in Iran. A wide variety of unset turquoises are ready to introduce and sale directly by TAI to jewelry manufactoriers in Australia. The authentic sales manager of TAI, Seyed Hessam Mirkazemi, is now in Sydney as a representative of Turquoise Association and assists all who are interested in this market and establishing cooperation with TAI.

It’s our honor to assist you in this way:

  • You can observe our turquoise samples here in Sydney and then order based on it.
  • We deliver your order from Iran to Sydney.
  • You can make your payment in Sydney.
  • You will be welcomed to travel to Iran and experience the visiting of Persian turquoise mines.
  • You can receive turquoise with credible certificate of Turquoise Association.

In the case of finding more info, please don’t hesitate and contact with our sales manager in Sydney to observe our unique turquoises sample and experience an auspicious deal.

The best way to contact with our sales manager is; australia@turquoise-market.com

tarahane bartar
tarahane bartar
We started our work as the only authentic representative and exporter of precious Persian Turquoise since 1998 and now our honor is getting more and more well-thought-of in this market.

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