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Membership includes:

Free Member listing

Downloadable Certificate of Membership

Certificate of Authenticity creation

Use of the Opal Association logo and media kit

Member Newsletter

Invitation to attend turquoise Association meetings

Invitation to attend other industry forums.

Marketing and sales to other countries



Central office: 

No 3, Avenue 13, Bokharest St, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 21 77655810


Director manager : Dr. Shariati

Sales manager : Dr. Mirkazemi

We have 21 members. Our members:

1- Ghaem mine

2- Badie mine

3- Fahim mine

4- Neishabour mine 1st

5- Neishabour mine 2nd

6- Neishabour mine 3rd

7- Damghan mine 1st

8- Damghan mine 2nd

9- Nasabi mine

10- Kerman 1st

11- Kerman 2nd

12- Kerman 3rd

13- Kerman 4th

14- Kerman 5th

15- Sabzevar mine

16- Neishabour mine 4th

17- Neishabour mine 5th

18- Neishabour mine 6th

19- Neishabour mine 7th