We started our work as the only authentic representative and exporter of precious Persian Turquoise since 1998 and now our honor is getting more and more well-thought-of in this market.

Our aims:

Be Turquoise Industry Leaders

We strive to maintain and publish definitive turquoise information and research for the betterment of the turquoise Industry and for the enjoyment of all.

Help Consumers

We aim to help consumers make an informed decision when purchasing a turquoise and to make turquoise information easily accessible.

Facilitate Connections

We encourage consumers meeting with and really getting to know our turquoise members and suppliers.

Provide Industry Contacts

The Turquoise Association strives to provide its members with industry contacts, information and services.

Promote Australian Turquoise

We know how good our Australian turquoise is and we want to tell the rest of the world how great it really is.

Lead The Way

Advocate for the turquoise industry in dealings with the Government.