About Persian turquoise or Iranian turquoise

Persian or Iranian Turquoise
June 13, 2013
Turquoise , Psychic and Metaphysical
November 15, 2016

About Persian turquoise or Iranian turquoise


Turquoise has been mined in Persia (present day Iran) for thousands of years. It has long been prized for its intense sky blue color with great depth. It is typically found in nugget form inside the host rock and is available in both clear and heavily webbed forms. Persian turquoise is characteristically cut into “high dome” cabochons. It is usually quite hard and does not require stabilization for sufficient color or processing.

The Middle Eastern and European buyers have historically preferred the absolutely clear bright Robin’s egg/sky blue stones which command the highest price per carat of any turquoise in the world and can be found in the royal treasures of Middle Eastern monarchs. American buyers have long preferred matrixed turquoise over the clear form due to the attractive contrast against the underlying deep sky blue color and the silver of southwest Indian jewelry. American buyers feel the attractive red to black webbing adds character to the stone and makes each stone unique.

tarahane bartar
tarahane bartar
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